Saturday, 13 February 2010

Val d'Isère

A selection of photos taken on a recent ski trip to Val d'Isère in the French Alps.

The base of the black run 'Face', illuminated by floodlights from Val d'Isère. I got this shot while walking back across the nursery slopes to my brothers apartment. He told me they only light the piste up like this once a week, so I was lucky to snap this.

The night time light show. The beams in the photo appear as though they are huge rims of light on the wooded part of the piste when in actual fact it was made up of lots of spot lights darting around everywhere. I love the result, a bit of camera trickery at play and a complete accident on my part.

The end of the piste. Carry on off piste at your own risk! One day I endeavor to do just that.

A hazy sunset over the French Alps. This was the last shot I took at the very top of Rocher de Bellevarde after riding the Funival train back up through the mountain for my last run of the day, and the last run of my stint in Val d'Isère. There were quite a few people taking a moment out from throwing themselves down a piste at speed to appreciate this amazing vista. Sometimes you've just got to stop, breathe and take it in. Beautiful.

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